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Fill Up Your Spice Box, Indian Spice Set, Pack of 12 Mini-Pouches

Certified USDA Organic Whole30 Approved GMO Free, Not made with bioengineered ingredients Non-irradiated

Fill up your Indian Spice Box with a gorgeous, all-organic Indian spice set. We've curated this collection of 12 essential spices for your masala dabba.

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This collection consists of 12 mini-pouches, each containing 1/2 the volume by weight of our normal spice bottle size.

Includes the following all-organic spices:

  • Perfect for Masala Dabba

    Ready to fill up your Indian Spice Box with a gorgeous, all-organic Indian spice set? We've curated this collection of 12 spices that are essential for setting up a typical masala dabba. 

  • Certified Organic

    As always, our spices are impeccably sourced, non-irradiated, and organic. They are potent, aromatic, and fresh. And, we wholeheartedly believe that some, like the Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, will soon become your new favorites. We even included Panch Phoron (Indian Five Spice) because it combines several other spices we wanted to incorporate into this spice set but didn't have space for, so this is our cheat for getting them into your kitchen! You won't be displeased.

  • Carefully Curated

    Limiting ourselves to just 12 spices was challenging, but we believe we've hit upon the perfect balance of commonly used spices as well as those that are just plain hard to find at the average grocery store (but often used in Indian cooking, like Amchoor Powder and Curry Leaves).

Two Indian Spice Boxes (aka Masala Dabba) filled with organic spices from our Indian Spice Kit. Purchase together as an Indian Spice Box Gift Set.

Why so many spices?

Because it's fun!

Half the joy of cooking Indian food, or any food really, is the way it engages all five of your senses. In fact, all five are necessary to doing it well! It's a given that you have to see, taste, smell, and touch to cook delicious food, but even your hearing comes into play to help signal when water is boiling or a sizzling pan is too hot.

With that in mind, what is more pleasurable in the kitchen than the multi-sensory experience of selecting spices? Seeing a vibrant spice, smelling its decadent aroma, and tasting the way it mingles together with other spices to create a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts?

Our hope with this organic spice set is that you'll feel like a kid in a candy store, trying the entire set out before you decide on your 7 favorites to include in your own masala dabba (Indian Spice Box).

We're leaving the decision-making to you, your taste buds, your vision, and your cooking style.

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People ask us...

Can I swap out any spices?

While we understand that everyone has their favorite spices, this is a pre-made set, and we are unable to exchange any spices. If you wish to purchase additional spices, please shop our full spice collection HERE. :)

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