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Sacred Peacock Indian Spice Box, aka a masala Dabba, filled with all organic spices from Pure Indian Foods.

What is an Indian Spice Box?

Also known as a Masala Dabba, an Indian Spice Box is an airtight tin containing 7 katori (small bowls) used to store and preserve spices in the typical Indian kitchen. Because they're not only functional, but pretty, their popularity around the world is growing exponentially.

Wendell Berry once said, "If a thing is ugly, we should ask why." Why do we make ugly things? If something is useful or practical, does it have to be ugly? Why can't it be beautiful too? Why store your spices haphazardly in ziploc bags from the grocery store or in the random containers you purchased them in? Not only is this not beautiful, it's not very practical either.

The Indian Spice Box keeps out moisture and damaging UV rays, ensuring that your spices stay fresh and keep their potency longer. In this way, it's a far more practical solution for how to store your spices. 

And, unlike most typical spice storage in the average home, it's also beautiful.

In short, it's the perfect gift for both a kitchen whiz and a culinary newbie. 

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