Collection: Be a Gheek of the Month!

Every month, we select a GHEEK OF THE MONTH to win a $75 gift card and GHEEK T-shirt based on purchases, photos, videos, tags, and reviews.

How to be considered for Gheek of the Month:

  1. Leave a Product Review: Reviews submitted within a particular month are considered only for that month. For example, a review posted in January will be eligible for January's Customer of the Month.

  2. Review the Store: Leave a review for our store on this page.

  3. Tag Us on Social Media: First, tag us in a post. Then, share the link to your post using this form.

  4. Show Off Your GHEEKY Side: Submit a photo or video showcasing just how GHEEKY you can be by using this form.

  5. Share Your Story: Tell us how Pure Indian Foods products have impacted you or how you’ve used them to be GHEEKY! Submit story using this form.