Collection: Sustainable Packaging

Like us, many of our customers feel concern for the environment and sustainable packaging is very important to them. 

We do our best to use sustainable packaging material, while keeping products safe during transit. We don’t use any styrofoam, unless we are simply reusing it after having received it from a supplier. We have invested in getting beautiful and rugged custom cardboard boxes made for our various products packed in glass jars. The bubble bags are sometimes needed to prevent breakage of glass jars, and we haven’t been able to find any other solutions that provides same protection. We use recyclable or compostable paper products as much as possible, as we try to balance cost savings with sustainability. 

These days, carriers can be very rough with parcels, and we want to do our best to prevent breakage, especially since so many of our products are packed in glass. We appreciate your concern for the environment, and we feel the same way. We are always looking for ways to improve how we pack and ship to make sure products get to you safely!