KICK Ketchup, Certified Organic - 8.5 oz


A darkly flavored twist of spicy ketchup made with chipotle morita chili, kashmiri chili, cacao, and molassesy jaggery. Indian jaggery evokes notes of apricot and brown sugar. Paired with robust and warming Indian and Latin-inspired spices, this fusion of cultures is as unique as it is delicious.

Packed in a jar so you can get every last drop without the risk of squeezing ketchup water on your plate. Use a clean spoon to serve.

Stir Before Using. Refrigerate After Opening.

USDA Certified Organic


Ketchup is really old! It dates all the way back to imperial Southern China (circa 300 B.C.) where it was originally a tomato-free fish sauce called “ge-thcup” or “koe-cheup”, and eventually “catsup” by the British. Then, in the late 1700’s tomatoes were added and eventually the name became “ketchup”.  It’s highly likely that this original fermented catsup served two noble purposes, both due to its fermentation:  1) It traveled well on long voyages and 2) It was likely nutritious, providing enzymes and probiotics for the sailors. Here, it’s worth remembering that proper fermentation can change a rank, smelly food into something quite tasty.

It was not until 1812 that a Philadelphia scientist created the first bottled ketchup made from “love apples”, as tomatoes were called back then. Sixty-four years later in 1876, the notorious Heinz food company introduced its famous bottled ketchup. Over time, other companies would produce their unique versions, but the recipes could vary significantly. Some would be sweeter, some spicy, a few would be organic, although most would not, and many would be made with highly questionable, poor-quality ingredients including preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, high-fructose corn syrup and too much refined white sugar.

It’s no wonder here at Pure Indian Foods, Sandeep had been mulling over the idea of making a high-quality organic ketchup with just enough spice to thrill your taste-buds but nothing too overpowering. So, we created our Indian-inspired KICK™ Ketchup made with some of our favorite Indian spices and other wonderful seasonings like Chipotle Morita chili peppers and Kashmiri red chili, jaggery (for just enough rich-caramelly sweetness), garlic, cumin, coriander and more. We even added a bit of organic cacao powder because a little magic happens when you blend chocolatey goodness with tomatoey flavors. What we DIDN'T add is refined white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, calcium disodium EDTA, acetic acid, stabilizers, thickeners and non-organic ingredients!

We love our ketchup! We think you will, too. Enjoy these delicious ideas:

  • Use in place of regular ketchup in most or all of your recipes
  • Delicious on scrambled eggs or scrambled egg sandwiches
  • Add to a marinade for beef or lamb
  • Make a spicy tomatoey salad dressing
  • Eat it with French fries, of course!
  • Spoon over beef, chicken, turkey or veggie burgers
  • Add a bit to bean dishes and dips
  • Onion rings!!
  • Perfect for pastured hot dogs
  • Great on beef burritos
  • Add to ground meat when cooking
  • Brush over tofu or tempeh, bake or broil
  • Flavor baked beans
  • Season lentil stew
  • Drizzle over ghee-coated baked potato skins
  • Add to meatloaf
  • Use as a dip for vegetable and corn fritters
  • Great with southern hush puppies
  • Try it on grilled cheese toast or sandwiches

Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Vinegar, Organic Jaggery, Organic Chipotle Morita Chili, Organic Kashmiri Chili, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Cumin, Organic Cacao, Orgsanic Cinnamon, Organic Coriander.