Himalayan Basmati Rice Aged 2 Years, Certified Organic - 2 lbs

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Best quality, extra-long grain Indian Aged White Himalayan Basmati Rice. You will not find a more fragrant, certified organic rice anywhere. Aging rice for 2+ years creates highly desirable qualities. When cooked, the grains separate easily. They are dry (as opposed to sticky), long, slender grains of heavenly rice that can be used in any recipe that calls for rice. Aging can also make the grains more aromatic.

*Note: Aged rice can sometimes need a little bit more water than regular rice. If your rice is undercooked after a normal cooking time, add a little more water and cook for a few more minutes.

Hands down, Basmati Rice is an all-around winner! Good for year-round cooking, it’s light, aromatic and easily digested, and it cooks quickly and pairs beautifully with just about everything. We love it with vegetables, meat, pork, poultry, legumes and on its own topped with our gorgeous, golden Grass-Fed Organic Ghee.