Kashmiri Chili Pepper Ground (Mild), Certified Organic

$6.49 – $14.99

Kashmiri red chili (degi mirch) has only slightly more heat than paprika. It is used for its full-bodied flavor and aroma, and to impart its vibrant red color to dishes. It is what traditionally gives tandoori chicken its signature color.

Contains only pure Kashmiri Red Chili. Absolutely no added food coloring, dyes, or preservatives.

Whole30 Approved USDA Certified Organic Gluten Free Non-GMO Non-Irradiated

2.1 oz Glass Bottle
8 oz (1/2 lb) Resealable Bag

Kashmir is a land graced with an unparalleled landscape of natural beauty. To many, it’s “heaven on Earth”, a natural, mesmerizing paradise surrounded by the Himalayas and brimming with vast lakes and abundant flora and fauna. The climate is largely influenced by the mountains. Temperatures vary greatly, ranging from extreme cold in Ladakh to moderate in Kashmir and sub-tropical in Jammu. Numerous flowers, herbs and medicinal plants grow in Kashmir as do maple and apple trees, birch trees and the lovely Chinar tree.

If you've been looking for Kashmiri Mirch or Degi Mirch, then look no further. This is pure Kashmiri Chili Powder. The Kashmiri Red Chili is well-known for it's vibrant red hue. It is used for for it's coloring properties rather than it's heat. It tastes like a slightly spicy paprika. The heat-tone would still be classified as mild, but it possesses a lingering warmth. The warmth is similar to how cinnamon, cumin, or clove feel warm, but not exactly spicy.

It is most commonly used in curries, and it's what gives tandoori chicken it's signature color. It is also delicious with fruits and cheeses - adding color and a little peppy flavor.

Each jar is carefully weighed and filled by hand.