Alphonso Mango Puree, Certified Organic - 16 oz

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  • Highly-Regarded Alphonso Mangoes ("The King of Mangoes")
  • 4-5 Fresh Mangoes Per Jar
  • Enjoy straight out of the jar!
  • High in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Antioxidants
  • No Added Sugar, Preservatives, Colors or Flavors
  • Packed in Glass

Alphonso mangoes are highly regarded for their rich taste, vibrant color, and smooth, buttery texture. Alphonso mango puree is naturally sweet, so no need to add additional sugar. Use on top of ice-cream; blend with milk or yogurt to make lassies; add to fruit salads, jellies, smoothies, pastries, and cakes. Try in broths & curries. 


Can be stored for 5-7 days in the refrigerator after opening. For extended shelf life after opening, you may freeze it.


USDA Certified Organic




Species: Mangifera indica

Other names: Hapus, King of Mangoes

If you’ve ever tasted an Alphonso Mango, you’ll know why they’re a national obsession in India. Smooth and buttery with hints of honey, sweet fruits, melon and citrus, these “King of the Mangoes” rule India during their short eating season. There are several varieties of Alphonso mangoes, many that are showcased by top-rated chefs at mango festivals. Vendors on the street squeeze the fresh juice, home cooks add them to curries and lassi drinks, desserts, sweet treats and pakoras, while others hang out at mango parties dunking puris (Indian fried bread) into cream-thickened Alphonso-Mango puree. Whatever your favorite way is, you’ll love our Organic Alphonso Mango Puree for its rich taste, vibrant color and natural sweetness. No need to add sugar; it’s perfectly sweet just as it is.

  • Spoon over ice cream, frozen yogurt or non-dairy frozen dessert
  • Stir into fruit salads
  • Add to smoothies
  • Blend with yogurt, milk or coconut milk to make lassies
  • Spread over toast, biscuits, muffins and pancakes
  • Spoon over a piece of cake
  • Try it in broths and curries
  • Eat it right out of the jar

In case you’re wondering, these luscious mangoes are named for Alphonso de Albuquerque, a nobleman who co-founded a Portuguese colony in India. It was the Portuguese who began grafting mango trees to grow exceptional varieties like these that were eventually introduced to Maharashtra, Gujarat and other regions of South India. Interestingly, this variety of mango has only been successfully grown in India. The climate and soil of India is unmatched, and the mango has failed to grow anywhere else in the world, making it extremely rare to come by in other regions.

Did you know?

There are over 1,500 varieties of mango. Due to its popularity, Alphonso mango production in India employs over 1 million farmers and uses approximately 400,000 acres of land for cultivation.

Alphonso mangoes were banned in the United States from 1989 until 2007 due to political reasons. The ban was eventually lifted when the U.S. made a deal with India the allow the import of mangoes if India allowed the import of Harley-Davidson motorcyles.

“India is to mangoes as Bordeaux is to wine...
...There’s nothing better than a great Alphonso mango.”

~ David Karp, Los Angeles-based fruit expert

“Many times in my life, I’ve eaten something that is supposedly the prime exemplar of its category—the best banana, the best anchovy, the best burrito—and I’ve found the quality differential to be subtle; I’ve learned accordingly to temper my expectations with these kinds of things. But the one time I was able to eat an Alphonso mango, at the diminutive fruit stand at the luxury London department store Harrod’s, I was blown away. I remember being amazed that fruit that good could actually exist. The flesh was a deep and uniform marigold color, completely devoid of the stringy fibers that sometimes plague supermarket mangoes. The aroma and taste was not qualitatively different from the mangoes I had known, but intensified manifold, as if the souls of ten mangoes had been concentrated in just one fruit. It was the Platonic ideal of a mango, this Alphonso mango.”
~ Myles Karp (Source)


Organic Alphonso Mangoes