Organic Herbal Tablets

Organic Herbal Tablets from Pure Indian Foods

As Sandeep continues to imagine new ideas daily, we do our best to help him bring his creative concepts into fruition, one of which now includes our line of Certified Organic Herbal Tablets. These Ayurveda-inspired supplements come from the heart of Pure Indian Foods as Sandeep, Nalini, and the entire team have always had a special love and respect for nature, sustainability and natural healing. 

According to Ayurveda, the taste (or tastes) of a substance determines the effect (or effects) it has on the body. There are six tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent. Foods, spices and herbs often have more than one taste. The taste of a substance is called “rasa”, and it is fundamental to life. Rasa has been referred to as the “essence”, the “sap” or the “fluid” of a substance. It is a quality that runs far deeper than what we normally think of as the taste of our food and drink. Rasa is both obvious and subtle, and is the primary means of evaluating the pharmacological and therapeutic effects of a food or substance. Ayurveda considers the effects of tastes on many levels, for example, the effects of a taste both before and after digestion. 

In Ayurveda, all six tastes have specific, unique qualities that are important when determining the correct foods, herbs and spices to recommend for each person. For this reason, taking an herbal tablet instead of a capsule is ideal because you can taste the herb directly on your tongue. The taste of the herb, even for a moment, allows the body to begin the process of integrating the herb into the system, allowing the therapeutic properties of the herb to begin immediately. Remember: There is an innate intelligence in plants, just as in humans and animals. When we taste our herbs, we imbibe their essence, allowing a wonderful, symbiotic relationship to develop. For this reason, many people choose to chew the tablets before swallowing with water or tea. 

When making our herbal tablets we never use common, unnatural fillers, stabilizers or cellulose that may come from wood pulp (saw dust). Some companies add so many “extra” ingredients to their herbal tablets that they only contain 20% of the active ingredient! 

Our herbal tablets are 99% Certified Organic whole herbs, ground and blended with just 1% organic nutritious gum acacia, known in India as Indian gum or Gond. It’s a prebiotic that contains specific types of beneficial polysaccharides — fermentable complex sugars and soluble fiber — that act as food for friendly bacteria living in our large intestine. Gum acacia makes an ideal natural emulsifier, binder, and stabilizer. In India, it’s added to delicious festive snacks and treats such as these yummy Dink (Gond) Ladoos loaded with coconut, cashews, almonds, raisins and dates.

For questions regarding which herbs are best for you, please consult with a qualified health care practitioner, preferably one schooled in herbal medicine and/or Ayurveda.

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