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Cloves Whole 1.4 oz in Glass Bottle, Certified Organic

Price: $6.99

Product Code: CLW1

Species: Eugenia caryophyllus

Cloves are the immature flower buds of a particular evergreen tree, originally from Indonesia. The pink buds are picked and dried, resulting in a woody, brown color. The smell is warm and aromatic, and the flavor is strong, sweet, and pungent.

Culinary Uses:

A little goes a long way with cloves. Only a few are needed in a dish to impart it’s distinct flavor. Cloves are pushed into (“stud”) meats before cooking, and onionds before thrown in soups. The spice pairs well with wild game, are used in various spice mixes, including some curry powders, and are included in many meat and rice dishes from the Middle East and North Africa.

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