Tamarind Bloody Mary


Tamarind Bloody Mary made with our Organic Tamarind Paste and Organic Worcestershire Sauce

We recently whipped up our own version of the Bloody Mary using our Organic Tamarind Paste and our Organic Worcestershire Sauce, and let me tell you, it was an absolute hit! Bursting with flavor and brimming with fun, this Tamarind Bloody Mary is the ultimate weekend experiment turned tasty triumph.

Ah, the Bloody Mary! A classic staple of American brunches and grill parties, this savory cocktail never fails to bring joy and flavor to any gathering. Picture this: a delightful concoction crafted from the freshest tomato juice, infused with a burst of customizable spices and garnishes. It's a true celebration of creativity and taste.

In the lively world of culinary enthusiasts, everyone's vying to create their own spin on the perfect Bloody Mary. Whether it's at a top-notch restaurant, a renowned beverage company, or in the cozy confines of home kitchens, the quest for "the best" is always on! And here's the best part: you can choose to add a splash of alcohol for that extra kick, or savor its robust flavors as a delightful mocktail. It's versatile, it's flavorful, and it's bound to put a smile on your face!

Picture yourself indulging in this savory delight – a little spicy, a lot of deliciousness – perfectly complementing your favorite salty treats, grilled meats, and a medley of pickles, cheeses, and olives. It's a match made in culinary heaven.

So, why not embark on your own culinary adventure? Get ready to sip, savor, and spread the cheer with our mouthwatering Tamarind Bloody Mary recipe – guaranteed to brighten up any occasion. Cheers to good times and great flavors! 





  • 1-2 oz Vodka or Gin
  • celery stick
  • parsley
  • lime(s) or lemon slices
  • pickle spears
  • cucumber(s) spears or slices
  • okra
  • pickled mixed vegetables
  • pickled (carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, beans, jalapeños, beets)
  • pepperoncinis
  • artichoke hearts, marinated
  • onion(s) (marinated pearl onions)
  • green olives, stuffed
  • cheese cubes
  • shrimp, spiced
  • BBQ Rib
  • Ham
  • Grilled meat





  1. Mix the Core Ingredients together in a large measuring cup.
  2. Taste. Add more salt if needed. Add sugar if you prefer it more sweet. Add more hot sauce or ghost pepper if you prefer it more spicy. It's all to your preference, so just go slow and adjust the amounts until you're satisfied with the result.
  3. On a plate, mix together flaky sea salt and the DIY Garam Masala powder.
  4. Wet the edge of your drinking glass and then tip in the salt and spin to coat the rim.
  5. Fill the glass to the top with ice.
  6. Add alcohol at this point (if making a cocktail) or skip to the next step.
  7. Pour the Core Ingredient tomato juice mixture over the ice.
  8. Add accompaniments and enjoy!

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