Allergen Statement

We process ghee (milk), almonds, almond oil, coconut oil and sesame oil in our facility. We don’t process any other allergen. This covers only those products that have Pure Indian Foods logo. We resell products made by other companies also. We have posted complete labels of each product on product pages. Please read the labels before making a purchase.

Our facility makes ghee, which is a milk product. However, our non-ghee products don't share the same production/packaging lines as ghee. We ensure there is no cross contamination.

We pack and bottle our spices* at our facility here in New Jersey, which is gluten free. None of the spices contain gluten ingredients. However, our spice products are not tested for gluten unless stated on the product page.

* Except for hing. This is the only spice which is not packaged at our facility. Regarding hing, the facility free of peanuts and tree nuts. The only allergen it processes is gluten.