Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi made with our organic alphonso mango pulp


Kulfi is kind of like a traditional version of Indian ice cream, except there's no whipping or churning involved. The result is a super easy, decadent and rich, dense and creamy dessert.

This addictive Mango Kulfi recipe really pops because of our crazy delicious Alfonso Mango Puree. Alfonso mangos are considered the King of the Mangos, and our puree is bursting with their fantastic flavor. It's like a mango explosion on your tongue!

Paired with the earthy flavor of saffron and the floral aroma of cardamom, these Mango Kulfi are sure to delight.

To make these you'll need our:

Click here for the recipe --> Mango Kulfi created by Viola at Lime Thyme.



(photo credit: Lime Thyme)


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