Watermelon Seeds Husked, Certified Organic - 200g (7 oz)



Cooling, refreshing watermelon – it’s a favorite summertime treat, but most people spit those pesky little watermelons seeds out, without realizing they are not only safely edible, but also highly nutritious! In fact, these great little seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense seeds available.

Watermelons come to the world courtesy of Africa, but thankfully, over the centuries, they have spread around the globe to be enjoyed by people just about everywhere. In many cultures, the entire melon is consumed - the rind (have you tried it pickled?), the sweet-juicy flesh and the nutritious seeds.

As children, many of us were teased by adults telling us not to swallow watermelon seeds or a big watermelon (or an entire sprawling watermelon vine) would grow inside of us! While clearly this isn’t the case, most of us still shy away from the seeds; we don’t want the texture and flavor of the seeds to interfere with the bliss of the sweet, lovely flesh. Well, the good news is, we can always enjoy the seeds separately as a snack or part of a meal, and while they don’t taste like the juicy sweet flesh of the watermelon, they are mild and similar to the nutty flavors of sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds.

Our certified organic watermelon seeds come from India where they’re popular for cooking, snacking and baking. Toast them, roast them, sprout them, and salt them! And remember to store them in an air-tight container.

Enjoy these ideas:
  • Toast in a dry skillet or wok, or roast in the oven at 325 degrees F for 15 minutes or until done to your liking
  • Enjoy just as you would sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Add to nuts and trail mixes
  • Roast or toast; make watermelon seed butter (like sunflower or peanut butter)
  • Sprinkle over leafy green and vegetable salads
  • Add to fruit and fruit salads
  • Use as a tasty garnish for grain and rice dishes, legumes and cooked vegetables
  • Sprinkle over ice cream, puddings, yogurt/dahi and desserts
  • Add to hot or cold cereal
  • Add to hummus and dips
  • Blend into smoothies, or garnish a smoothie
  • Make a healthy seed-fest snack with watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, sacha inchi seeds and pumpkin seeds