Raspberry & Rose Gin Fizz


Raspberry Rose Gin Fizz

This raspberry and Rose Gin Fizz cocktail not only looks gorgeous, it tastes spectacular too. Light and sweet, tart and refreshing, it's the perfect drink to wow your guests.

Fresh raspberries, rose syrup, lemon juice, agave, your favorite gin, and sparkling water combine for a creative take on the classic Gin fizz. It's also super easy to adapt to your specific tastes. Too sweet? Add another squeeze of lemon. Too stiff? Add some more sparkling water. Too sour? Add a hint more agave. It's basically fail-proof.

To make this easy cocktail, you'll want to grab our:


Click here for the recipe. --> Raspberry Rose Gin Fizz created by Viola at Lime Thyme.


(photo credit: Lime Thyme)

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