Insane Loaded Curry Fries

Insane Loaded Curry Fries made with Pure Indian Foods Madras Curry Sauce and Organic Curry Powder Seasoning and Curry Leaves


Decadence is the name of these loaded curry fries. Say hello to layering not one, not two, but THREE sources of rich curry flavor! Piping hot french fries get piled on a plate with a Madras curry sauce, mild cheese, curry aioli, crumbled bacon, and green onions. And it's all topped with our organic dried curry leaves.

It's insane. And awesome. And so family-friendly. 



(For each plate of fries)



1. Make your favorite french fries. We prefer homemade using freshly cut potatoes basted with melted Grassfed Organic Garlic Ghee and cooked in an air-fryer, but have also used oven-baked frozen fries from the supermarket in a pinch!

2. While the fries are cooking, prepare your curry sauce and curry aioli. To prepare the curry sauce, simply heat up the Madras Curry Sauce so it's liquid and bubbly. To prepare the curry aioli, blend mayonnaise and curry powder in a bowl until smooth. To serve, load the curry aioli in a disposable pastry bag (or the corner of a sandwich baggie with the corner snipped off) so it's ready to squeeze over the fries.

3. To assemble, plate your fries while they're still hot. Drizzle melted Madras Curry sauce over the fries. Top with shredded cheese. If your fries are still hot, it should start melting right away. If it doesn't, pop the plate in the oven or microwave for 30 seconds or a minute until the cheese starts melting. Squeeze the curry aioli over the plate, then top with crumbled bacon, chopped green onion, and organic curry leaves.


Close up of these Insane Loaded Curry Fries on a plate

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