How to Open A Stubborn Ghee Jar


We use special jar lids to seal our ghee jars so they don't leak precious golden oil all over your shipping box or your counter. But we know they can't sometimes be difficult to open! Don't worry if the lid is on tight! This is by design, and there is actually a really easy trick to get the seal to release. You just need to add heat. Simply, heat the rim of the lid under hot water or on a hot stove, and use a towel or glove to protect your hand when opening. Easy! :)

More Tricks to Open a Stubborn Jar

  1. Use a butter knife to release the pressure. (video)
  2. Run under hot water (or immerse lid upside-down in hot water) until seal releases
  3. Use a rubber grip
  4. Heat lid briefly on stove until seal releases (video)
  5. Use a towel to grip the lid tighter
  6. Use a tool (examples)

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Happy Diwali! Happy Thanksgiving!

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