Magliano Rose Petal Jam Preserve, Certified Organic - 7.2 oz

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  • Handmade by Isabella Devetta in Italy
  • Limited Edition
  • Certified Organic
  • Very fragrant - has a strong fresh rose scent.
  • No pectin is used. The only ingredients are fresh organic rose petals, organic lemon juice and organic cane sugar.

Isabella Devetta has been living in Tuscany for over thirty years. In the center of her organic olive grove, she grows 400 plants of a very special variety of organic roses called “Duke of Cambridge”. This variety has a strong fresh rose scent, which can not be compared with any other perfume, other than citrus of tea roses and the pleasantly sweet Bulgarian rose. These large flowers have deep crimson color. They bloom once a year in May/June.

Isabella and her small team makes each jar of Rose Petal Preserve by hand. This product’s intense frangrance will pleasantly surprise you.

Enjoy it as spread on toast with butter or mixed with natural plain yogurt. It can be used as cold filling of cake or chocolate sponge cakes. Top off your favorite icecream with one teaspoon of this preserve. Or just eat a spoonful as a snack.

Also known as gulakand or gulkand.

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"So Good, It Should Be Illegal"