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Indian cuisine is known for its bold and complex flavors, which are created using a variety of spices. Pure Indian Foods stocks all of the Indian spices you may need, all certified USDA organic with no chemical additives or fillers.

Spices in Indian food run the gamut from the familiar nutmeg and vanilla to the less common (in the USA) garam masala and turmeric. Popular Indian spices are great for preparing flavorful and intense curries and other dishes.

Pure Indian Food also offers seasoning powders which contain a combination of organic Indian spice powders. These include vindaloo curry seasoning, curry powder seasoning, and even tandoori masala seasoning.

Find whatever spice you need at Pure Indian Foods, and trust that you are getting a great deal on the highest quality Indian spices available.

"After getting to know how Sandeep at Pure Indian Foods sources his spices, I have a new found appreciation for his creations. There are not many people out there who will take the time and lab test their spices to make sure none of the heavy metals and toxins get passed on to the customer."

Anthony Benedettini (@anthonyisbene)

"When I switched to Pure Indian Spices, the potent aroma and flavor of these spices took my cooking to the next level. Cooking with anything else makes my food taste dull by comparison."

Courtney Polivka, Revived Kitchen (@revivedkitchen)

"There is no comparison to the rich flavor and quality of this Turmeric Powder, it is delicious. I use it to make Turmeric paste to put in almond milk or coffee; and also for cooking, to make healthy and tasty dishes. Other brands just cannot compete, this is the best!"

M. Jones

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