Garlic Minced, Certified Organic in Grinder Top Bottle - 2 oz


Add garlic to anything using this easy grinder bottle. Garlic is one of the most versatile spices in the world. It is used in every country as an aromatic base. In Indian cuisine, garlic is added alongside onion and ginger. Add garlic to food toward the middle of cooking or to spice blends. Add to taste.

Whole30 Approved USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO Non-Irradiated AIP Friendly

minced garlic

Allium sativum

Garlic is one of the most beloved, versatile spices used in cuisines around the world. In India, it’s often fried in ghee with onions and ginger and used to flavor vegetable, legume and grain dishes. But you don’t have to be a garlic lover to enjoy our dried minced garlic. It imparts the flavor without the intensity of raw garlic, and just like grinding whole peppercorns, you can grind a tiny bit for a subtle flavor, or more for a robust flavor depending on your personal preference.

Dried garlic naturally rehydrates when slow cooking and simmering with liquid ingredients. It can also be rehydrated in hot water for 15 minutes then drained and used in place of raw minced garlic. Use it minced or grind it for a finer, more granular version. Either way, we think you’ll love the easy grinder bottle and the wonderful savory, garlicy flavor it imparts without any peeling, slicing, chopping or mincing. Figure on using about ½ teaspoon to replace one clove of raw garlic. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Add to scrambled eggs
  • Flavor marinades and sauces
  • Grind and add to dry spice rubs for meats, fish, fowl, tofu or tempeh
  • Grind onto hot baked or mashed potatoes with a dollop of ghee
  • Make garlic bread – grind and mix with a combination melted ghee and extra virgin olive oil, or rehydrate in hot water for a minced texture.
  • Add to sautéed, baked or roasted vegetables
  • Use minced or ground in favorite salad dressings. If using mince, remember to let it sit for a bit to rehydrate.
  • Make your own garlic-herb salt with pink Himalayan salt and dried organic herbs such as parsley, basil or chives