Visit India with Us!

For many years, we have wanted to do a trip to India with our foodie friends---to visit the spice farms, taste authentic Indian cuisine, experience the culture, and of course, shop!

Before we begin planning, we wanted to ask you if you'd be interested in joining us for a trip in the future.

If you'd be interested in coming with us on a trip to our homeland, please fill out the form below, and feel free to ask us questions. Please be aware that we may not get back to you right away with answers, but that your questions will help us in the future, when we have more concrete details about any future trips.

Be sure to check out pictures from our previous trips!


When is the trip?

We have not planned any dates yet. Right now, we are just trying to see who might be interested.

How much will the trip cost?

Around $2000-$2500 in addition to round trip airfare to India.