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          Sacha Inchi Seeds (Roasted, Unsalted), Certified Organic - 11 oz

          Sometimes called an Inca Peanut, these are actually seeds from the Sacha Inchi pod. They are excellent for snacking and rich in omega fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin E. Sacha Inchi Seeds are different than anything you’ve ever tasted before. They smell sort of like a peanut, but sort of not! We like them tossed with a little salt. Take 1 to 1-1/2 tsp salt and shake with the nuts in the bag. You can also experiment by adding your own seasoning. Try some of our pre-made seasoning blends or our Kick™ Salt!


          Even though we very carefully check during packaging, occasionally you may run into not-so-perfect seed (under roasted, over roasted or bitter). This is normal with any natural seeds/nuts.

          Sesame Seeds Black, Certified Organic - 16 oz

          Rich in nutritious oil, sesame seeds add nutty, delicate flavor to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Used abundantly in Asian and Mediterranean cooking, sesame seeds contain important healthy fat, fiber and minerals including calcium and magnesium. Sesame seeds are the main ingredient in tahini and halvah, a deliciously-sweet Middle Eastern treat. Lightly toasting really brings out the flavor!

          Looking for White Sesame?

          USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO

          Cashew (Whole), Organic 7 oz.

          Fresh, delicious, raw whole cashews nuts, grown without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Certified Organic. Product of India.