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Nutmeg Whole 2.0 oz Glass Bottle, Certified Organic

Price: $7.95

Product Code: NMW2


Species: Myristica fragrans

Other names: Bead tree, margosa

Appearance: Nutmeg is the rich brown pit or seed inside of the nutmeg fruit.

Typically used: Ground or freshly shaved

Origin: Nutmeg is the seed kernel of a large evergreen tree, originally from the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Nutmeg is found inside the small peach-shaped fruit of the tree, surrounded by a dark hard shell which is covered in bright red, wax-like arils that become the spice, Mace.

Flavor: Warm and nutty, bright

Aroma: Sweet and nutty

Culinary uses: Nutmeg is used in very small amounts, in sweet and spicy dishes. The spice pairs well with cheese and cream-based sauces, as well as drinks, like eggnog and mulled wine. Soups, meats, egg dishes, and vegetables all benefit from nutmeg.