Make mouth-watering pancakes using ghee
Pancakes with Berries

Making Pancakes Who doesn’t love fresh hot, mouth-watering pancakes for breakfast? It’s an all-time American favorite! Pancakes can be either sweet or savory and are often made from a variety of flours such as buckwheat, spelt or whole wheat, or gluten-free and grain-free kind from nuts such as ground almonds or coconut flour. Savory pancakes are often made from grated potatoes or sweet potatoes. They are also enjoyed with added fruits such as blueberries, chopped peaches and grated apples, or served savory with a slew of sautéed mushrooms, onions, herbs, and more.

Any way you stack them, pancakes are fragrant, warm, and filling. The trouble is, once in the pan or on the griddle, pancakes can seriously stick and burn. Added oils often leave a sticky residue and butter will burn easily. Not so with ghee! Coating the pan with a spoonful of ghee cooks the pancakes to a crispy golden finish along the edges, leaving the middle soft and luscious, tasting indescribably delicious. And they won’t burn! That’s because ghee can be heated to a high temperature without damage, creating delicious, nutritious pancakes.

Whether you’re serving sweet pancakes with fruit and syrup, or savory pancakes with herbs and veggies, you’ll want to use our Grass-fed Organic Ghee on the pan, in the batter in place of oil or butter, and melted over the pancakes.

For a tasty twist on pancakes, we recommend melting and adding either our Grass-fed Organic Digestive Ghee or our Grass-fed Organic Indian Dessert Ghee to the batter. Digestive Ghee is infused with organic cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. It’s like adding a little bit of Chai-Tea heaven to your pancakes. Indian Dessert ghee is flavored with organic fennel, cardamom, and saffron, lending a subtle hint of licorice and sweet spices to the batter.

As Caroline S. knows for sure, the results are stellar, and the flavor is phenomenal! And best of all, pancakes are perfect any time of the day!

Kids with Pancakes Testimonial
"I've never used Ghee before and had no idea what it was before I stumbled upon the near-perfect reviews of Pure Indian Foods Grass-fed Organic Ghee. I've had a craving for pancakes these last few weeks and decided to make them this past weekend. I make pancakes on the stovetop (on a nonstick pan), but I hate how the butter quickly burns and using Pam is undesirable because it adds no flavor. Here's where the Ghee comes in. Not only did I use the Ghee in making the batter (directions say butter, but I substituted with Ghee), but I also used Ghee on the nonstick pan to make the pancakes. I LOVE how the Ghee melted and did NOT burn until the pancake was that perfect golden crisp color! The taste is phenomenal, definitely adds to the flavor of the pancakes. I have not used Ghee on anything else YET but I have a feeling I will love this stuff no matter what I use it in! I will certainly be purchasing this product again."

- Caroline S., Shelby Township, Michigan