Ghee Reviews 2

"I use your organic ghee in cooking and serving Indian dishes--and I will use it with just some steamed basmati rice and podi for breakfast. Your ghee is the best I have ever tasted--it tastes homemade, not commercial at all."
 - Barbara F., Athens, Ohio

"Thank you for this absolutely delicious, organic, grass fed ghee. This is the second time I am purchasing your ghee. The first time I purchased this product was also the first time used ghee and my interest in your ghee was piqued by the fact that the source is grass-fed cows. I am sensitive to lactose, so I am so happy I can continue to use butter in my cooking thanks to Pure Indian Foods."
- Veronica L., Boston, MA

"I received your ghee as a Christmas gift from my friend. When I first opened your ghee jar it smelled so sweet. Now all the ghee has been used up and I have washed the jar also, but it still has that beautifully sweet smell. Amazing! The smell reminds me of freshly baked shortbread cookies. I liked your 100% grass fed ghee so much that I am now ordering it for myself."
- Serge G., Toronto, Canada

"I love your grassfed organic ghee! I use it for my scrambled eggs and sautéed veggies! Also, I make "fotatoes"-- mashed cauliflower with ghee and red pepper flakes! Here is the recipe. Chop up a head of cauliflower. Steam it for about 10 mins. Add a few spoonfuls of ghee, sea salt, red pepper flakes and using an immersion stick blend it. You could also put it in a food processor or blender. It should resemble mashed potatoes! It’s my husband favorite veggie dish!"
- Amanda B., New Jersey

"We are enjoying your ghee. For the flavored ones, I have tried the Garlic, Herbes de Provence, and Italian. I would say they are all very good - they have a nicely potent flavor and aroma. I enjoyed the ghee drizzled over rice, incorporated into pasta dishes, and for frying eggs (the Herbes de Provence is especially nice for eggs in my opinion). My daughter has milk allergies, and had no adverse reaction to your products." - Alan B., New Jersey "These are good products that I would order again."
- Stacey R., Chesapeake, Virginia

"My husband and I really liked your herbal ghee products. We especially LOVED LOVED LOVED the Italian Ghee! In fact, I am going to order some more tonight on your website. Thanks for making a very yummy husband and I will definitely be ordering from you again and again!!"
- Christine P., Rochester, New York

"I have used your Garlic Ghee and loved it. It tasted great and smelled wonderful!" 
- Kate S., Wisconsin 

"Absolutely the best!
I’ve tried a variety of organic ghee brands but this is the first one I found that’s also made from grass-fed milk. The taste is just amazing. It has a very grainy texture when solid which is quite pleasant. The flavor is that of a fresh butter but just intensified. A little goes a long way meaning that only a teaspoon in your sautéed vegetables and you immediately get a buttery flavor. I use it on anything and everything but my favorite is to fry my morning organic eggs in it. The flavor is just out of this world."
- Jason N., Pennsylvania

"One nice quality that ghee has is that the aroma given off during cooking is very intense. Anyone inside will know what is going on, as it pervades all floors of the house. We then get a lot of "Is it ready yet?" and "That’s making me very hungry just smelling that!" Vegetable sautés, eggs, oatmeal, baking etc... Wherever butter was once used, ghee has become its replacement. We can’t believe it took all these years to finally learn a better way!" 

"I just love your ghee. We have some problems digesting casein at our home. My children and I have no problems with your ghee and we love the taste. Other brands we’ve tried from our local market tasted terrible. Your brand is delicious!"
- Toni G., Indianapolis, Indiana