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"Ghee, a butter with the milk solids and water removed, is an Indian staple that deserves to be in more American kitchens."
- The New York Times

"The digestive ghee has a flavor like Chai tea and was terrific on pancakes. The garlic [ghee] made a wonderful spread for garlic toast. I tried the herbs de Provence [ghee] on grilled salmon with great success. The [Indian] dessert [ghee] number sent my bowl of oatmeal on a magic carpet ride without the cost of an airline ticket. A dab of the Italian ghee was perfect on roasted tomatoes. And, the Niter Kebbeh, with a subtle curry flavor, was the flavor kick needed for grilled chicken."
- The Gazette, a daily newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colorado (

"Ayurveda often recommends Ghee (Clarified Butter) in one’s diet to optimize health and enhance vitality; to improve fertility, mental function, voice and complexion. Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K which are very important for maintaining good health. Previously dismissed because ghee contains cholesterol, it is now believed that dietary cholesterol plays an important supportive role in human physiology. Pure Indian Foods makes organic ghee from cow’s milk. They make their ghee only on the waxing (Shukla Pakshha) or full moon (Purnima) days which are considered auspicious in the Vedic system. Their six flavors of herb- and spice-infused ghee products will tempt your palette. Their potent medicinal ghee preparations called ghritas are made using time-honored methods passed down over generations that allow both water and fat-soluble constituents from the herbs to infuse within the ghee."
- Tathaastu: So Be It ( Please click here to download this review.

"I just received my first order of two jars of ghee, and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. First of all, your customer service is phenomenal. I can’t believe I got my order so quickly. I barely got off the computer, and it was at my door!

I haven’t told my family I’ve been using it, but yesterday I put a very small amount into a recipe for sauteed vegetables and beans over pasta, and it imparted such a richness to the stew that my husband and teenagers couldn’t stop raving about the meal.

As a physician with a keen interest in nutrition and preventive and complementary medicine, I know that grassfed butter---particularly clarified butter---is a traditional "health" food, used for hundreds of years in traditional cuisines, and recommended as a rich source of vitamins and CLA (beneficial fatty acid) for human consumption. I’m just delighted to have found a source for such a pure and healthful product.

Your ghee is a beautiful product, lovingly crafted, and exceedingly rare. Your customer service is remarkable for such a small, family-run business.

Thank you so much for the informative website and the wonderful recipes. It seems clear that you are proud of your product and your business, and as a careful consumer, I appreciate what you have created. Until I find it on our local shelves, I’ll be a regular online customer for a very long time!"
- Dr. S. Rosenberg MD, New York

"I’ve been eating ghee for many years, but it’s only very recently that I happily discovered the ghee from Pure Indian Foods. As soon as I received the product, with a healthy amount of skepticism I lined it up along with the two other organic brands already in my kitchen. Hands down, my taste test placed the ghee from Pure Indian Foods on top. I am thrilled to have found this ghee and I’m looking forward to enjoying it on a daily basis."
- Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (

"My daughter has a dairy allergy and is on the GAPS diet. Your ghee is not only delicious, but must truly be pure fat with no remaining casein since she can eat your ghee without any reaction. Thank you!"
- Jennifer M., Virginia

"Through my research on real food sites, I’ve frequently come across the Pure Indian Foods brand of ghee, which is superior to any others I’ve tried. Not only is it certified organic, but it’s also 100% grass-fed, made from non-homogenized milk, and packaged in glass. The taste is authentic and fresh – even better than the kinds I grew up eating in Egypt as a child. In addition to the plain variety, Pure Indian Foods also has six other kinds of flavored organic ghee, but I haven’t yet tried any of them. Once, when I ran out of PIF ghee, I made an impulse buy at Whole Foods and thought to try another brand of organic ghee because it was a bit cheaper. I regretted the decision quickly because the taste was not nearly as strong, and the color of the ghee was a paler yellow than the grass-fed kind from Pure Indian Foods. I’m not aware of any Egyptian/Arabic brands of ghee that are grass-fed or organic, so I can’t recommend any."
- Heba Saleh (

"I love this product and have used the plain variety in the past. It was fun to add the herb-infused flavors to my cooking. I will purchase it again and again."
- Sandra Renner (Life & Times of Me)

"I have been cooking almost everything in ghee lately for the purpose of strengthening my children's teeth, but what I wasn’t expecting is the obvious improvement in my 13 year old daughter’s facial skin health. I’m thrilled! Thank you for making this wonderful product available!"
- Erin O., Tennessee

"I recently tried your ghee and I was literally taken aback. Many ghees are oily, heavy, one-note affairs. This is not the case with Pure Indian Foods’. Your ghee (even the plain variety) has clearly been made with a caring and dedication to quality. The flavor is nuanced and subtle, with various earthy notes that probably result from the use of grass-fed organic cow’s milk. It’s also pretty clear that Pure Indian Foods takes the time to make a product taste good. Thank you for taking the time to create an excellent product."
- Mike P, Concord, Massachusetts

"This ghee has a richness and depth of flavor that I have found in no other ghee. It is so very yummy that I don’t even consider buying cheaper brands. I value that it’s from grass fed cows too. Great product!"
- Leslie B, California

"I love your ghee and use it all the time. I’m lactose intolerant and this is the only brand that doesn’t give me any problems in any amount. All other brands I tried caused problems even in small amounts."
- Nellie B

"I scramble eggs with the Herbes de Provence Ghee and put a little on toast for breakfast before work. It’s fast and easy and I feel like I’m having a gourmet meal! I need to have a little ghee everyday to pacify my vata, and I can’t think of a better way to take a ’supplement’."
- Neha W., California

"I love this ghee, and use it in everything. I have bought it for family and friends, and they are also now hooked. As a South Indian, I’m pretty picky about my ghee, and this product comes as close as you can get to ghee made in India. It’s perfect for roasting veggies, making curries, or eating plain by the spoonful."
- Reshma G, Stamford, Connecticut

"This ghee tastes exactly like the butter I had while growing up in Germany in 1950s. I haven’t had anything like that for a very long time. By the way, ghee is called ausgelassene butter in German."
- Gesine, Philadelphia

"I think your ghee is the best stuff on earth. I switch to store bought butter when I run out and it’s never the same."
- Greg G., Memphis, Tennessee

"When I cook scrambled eggs in coconut oil or olive oil, it tastes like pulverized cardboard. When I cook it in butter, I like the flavor but the butter burns. Ghee is the solution as it tastes great, it does not burn, and I get all the benefits of butter."
- George A., Hawaii

"I am originally from India and my mother so lovingly used to make ghee. I used to eat spoonfuls of them each time as a kid. My mom still makes them back in India.

When I took my first spoonful of Pure Indian Foods Grassfed Organic Ghee, it reminded me of the good old times. In an instant my mind traced back so many memories. How fun it was to be a kid and be ignorant of all the bizarre health issues of the future! Over the years as a teenager I stopped eating ghee and many other foods due to misdirection and other factors. Feels good to get back to the roots and what is so healthy for us.

Kudos to you as your ghee is pretty good but doesn’t taste as good as my mother’s effort. But still this is the best of what’s available from commercial offerings. I am going to stick with it. One of the most satiating and healthy foods!"
- PH, Toronto

"I have tried several brands and even tried to make my own. Your ghee has the freshest and best taste of any."
- Karen B, Wichita Falls, Texas

"I just recently tried Pure Indian Foods Grass-fed Ghee for the first time, and was so impressed by its delicious, sweet taste. I have a casein sensitivity which is why I don’t use butter. I’ve tried other brands of ghee and their flavor always seemed a little off-putting to me. Pure Indian Foods is WAY above the others, in terms of taste. I would love to utilize more of it but it is a bit pricey for my retiree budget. I used my jar of the other brand of ghee (the yucky tasting one) to melt down and mix with melted coconut oil, which tempered the other brand’s "off" taste."
- Jwey

"Your nectarian ghee is not just delicious and nutritious, but vibrationally excellent - a quality which is becoming worth gold in today’s world!"
- Lorraine A, New York

"Your ghee is amagingly delicious!"
- Raina P., Australia

"Delicious ghee. Adds an amazing flavor to food. I write a food blog at and have used this ghee in all my recipes. We can't live without it now."
- Devika Kumar, Food Blogger

"Your ghee is delicious! It has a nuttier, deeper flavour than the ghee I have tried making myself."
- Jana K., Canada

"I grew up in a farmer family in Gujrat (India) and all I was missing after I left my home was my Homemade Ghee. Thanks to Pure Indian Foods, I don’t miss it any more. After 20 years, I got the same authentic taste and quality of ghee. This ghee is so good, we all love it. What’s there not to love about it? Simply Fabulous!"
- KS, Alberta, Canada

"Your ghee is a big hit with my husband. He thinks my cooking has improved!"
- Michelle N., Hong Kong

"We use ghee for everything, from frying eggs to sauteing veggies to making popcorn to grilling in cast iron. My son is allergic to dairy, but can tolerate ghee (we’ve recently discovered), which makes it an absolute miracle in our house! ...Ghee is the perfect cooking medium - it is less likely to burn or smoke than butter, but it lends food the same buttery aroma. And I buy your brand because it’s locally made and from organic grass-fed milk. I couldn’t ask for a better cooking product!"
- Ilana K, New Jersey

"I am a Army Sergeant Major and have been on the Ayurvedic path for approximately 4 years and use Ghee in many of my vegetarian dishes. Your ghee is the best that I have ever tried. As a Soldier I appreciate it when a company takes pride in their product."
- D.D., Texas

"Your ghee smells heavenly and I cook with it nearly everyday. It infuses a rich flavour in every dish - which I thoroughly enjoy. I had been so busy and didn’t have time to place an order for quite some time already but told myself I have to make time as I miss it so much."
- Jasmine, Singapore

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