Ghee Gets Good Grades for College


We had a mother place an order for our Certified Organic Grass-Fed Ghee. She had it shipped directly to her son in college. This got us thinking about what an ideal food ghee really is for our college-going sons and daughters.

As parents, we all want to feed our children the most nutritious, delicious foods we can prepare. Yet leaving home for college often means sacrificing proper nourishment that comes with good home cooking. Busy students need good nutrition for steady concentration and a healthy disposition. Yet, with all the pressures of school work and after-school activities, a student’s health and food habits can greatly be impacted.

Our Certified Organic Grass-fed Ghee is a delicious and nutrient-dense food that does not require refrigeration, cooking or preparation. It can sit on a countertop and simply be added to any food to enhance nutritional quality and taste.

It’s very common in India for mothers to pack a jar of ghee when their children leave for college. Many mothers find it hard to trust outside food. That’s where our quality grass-fed ghee can help fill in the gaps by providing nourishing, wonderfully delicious tasting natural fats and fat soluble vitamins so critical for a healthy and properly functioning brain and nervous system.

Here are some simple ideas sure to please any busy college student:
  • Stir into soups
  • Drizzle over popcorn
  • Melt over oatmeal or cream of wheat
  • Spread on toast, bagels, or crackers
  • Stir into hot milk - add a bit of honey for a delicious, relaxing beverage
  • Mash into a hot baked potatoes
  • Drizzle over hot cooked rice or vegetables
  • Eat it straight from the spoon!

It’s never too late to order our organic grass-fed ghee for your college student. Our shopping cart supports different shipping and billing addresses, making it easy for you to purchase the ghee and have your order shipped directly to your child. Now, isn’t that convenient?

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